Catalysis Science & Technology

Historical background and look into the future

The Catalysis Science and Technology Division (CATL) started out as the Catalysis Secretariat, at a time when ACS secretariats were employed to coordinate multi-disciplinary activities, too broad for any one division within the ACS.

The objective of the former Catalysis Secretariat was to encourage the generation of science and technology of catalysis and surface chemistry, for the benefit of mankind. One of the ways to achieve this goal was to organize forms of multi-divisional participation in discussion of selected topics, dealing with catalysis and surface science. Several divisions were encouraged to present a comprehensive view on catalysis and surface science.

Although the Catalysis Secretariat fulfilled these objectives more than satisfactorily, it was felt necessary to create a separate division, fully dedicated to catalysis in all its aspects. Catalysis has experienced renewed interest and increased activity in recent years, largely but not exclusively due to global concerns about dwindling energy resources, increasing energy consumption and the consequent global warming. Even when one looks beyond the field of energy availability, catalytic technology promises immense potential towards improving both the efficiency of a vast number of processes, and eventually also improving the lives of people around the world.

Thus catalysis indeed warrants its own division, along with the regular topics of discussion at ACS meetings, allowing researchers from around the world to work together towards employing this multi-disciplinary technology towards a better future. The goal of the CATL Division is indeed to bridge the gap between the more fundamental aspects of catalysis, such as surface science and computational modeling, and applied catalytic reaction engineering.

People who want to contribute to this goal are encouraged to join the Catalysis Science and Technology Division for only 10 $ a year.

Learn more about the importance of the CATL division in this short video from a past-Chair.

The Bylaws of the CATL division can be downloaded as a .pdf file here

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